Nietzsche would be proud – Is Technology The Uber Skill Set?  


The Unemployment Rate in Tech Industry managed to DECREASE in December despite the second consecutive month of significant Layoffs in the Sector.  


Some Key Tech Labor Force Considerations;


  • The Tech Labor Force Participation Rate is Decreasing as Global Short-Term Task Based Opportunities (Remote Contract) are more easily Accessible
  • Despite Recessionary Pressures, Highly Skilled Technology Resource Demand is expected to far outreach the availability of Highly Skilled Technology Labor in 2023
  • The December Unemployment in the Tech Sector is floating around 1.8%, DOWN from 2% in November.   


U.S. employers added 223,000 jobs in December down from 263,000 in November, while the unemployment rate dropped to 3.5% from 3.7% in November. 


The Canadian economy added 104,000 jobs in December, increasing from 10,100 in November, while the unemployment rate declined by 0.1% from 5.1% to 5.0%.


Join us in the coming months as we explore Hybrid Corporate Structures, and the Effectiveness of Smaller to Medium Sized Businesses.  There has always been a Disconnect between Short-Term Enterprise Tactics and Long-Term Strategy, however we are expecting a crippling disparity between Tech Labor Availability to the Enterprise in the Long-Run.


We want to Learn More 🙂   


Investment in Technical Capabilities is a Long-Term Commitment.


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