Right Hook, Uppercut Combo

The Federal Reserve increased interest rates to a 15 Year High, as Intensified International Uncertainty and Conflict delivers a 1-2 Punch to the Equity Markets, but not the Labor Market.

U.S. employers added 315,000 jobs in August down from 528,000 in July, while the unemployment rate rose to 3.7% in August up from a fifty year low of 3.5% in July.

The Canadian economy lost 40,000 jobs in August increasing from July’s monthly loss of 31,000, while the unemployment rate rose to 5.4% from the record-low of 4.9% observed in the previous two months.

Although GDP Levels are at 10 Year Highs with Strong Current Quarterly Growth and Unemployment Rates are at 10 Year Lows, All Major Equity Indices dropped 3-4% on the August Month End indicating Investor Sentiment is well ahead of a Stable Economy.

While employers are struggling to find Highly-Skilled Labor in the short-run, Q4/Q1 New Jobs are expected to cool further as Market Volatility Increases and Next-Year’s Operational Budgets are mobilized.

We are starting to see more “Project Based” work being assigned on a Temporary Employment Basis reducing Employer Risk in the short-run, while offering greater Flexibility and Employee Freedom.

The Labor Market is Strong – We got this:)


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