Recruiter Report on…Resumes

We sit down with three of BBG’s recruiting specialists, Kanupriya Jagdev, Sam Xie, and Lem Jopio to get their thoughts on resume-writing and the selection process.

Q: What makes for a positive first impression with a resume?

Kanupriya: A well-organized resume with correct formatting, no punctuation errors, having page numbers and correct grammar. Sometimes, the candidates have the knowledge and experience we are looking for, but it is not mentioned on the resume, so a tailor-made resume for the job helps a lot! Many candidates use pictorial/graphical/diagram representations of their experience, which catches attention. For example, providing samples of system set-ups by a systems administrator.

Sam: Having a well-done layout and appropriate font and font size.

Lem: Effective use of white space.


Q: Resume-reading pet peeve?

Kanupriya: Very long resumes with irrelevant information.

Sam: Not providing contact information on the resume.

Lem: Spelling mistakes and poor language proficiency.


Q: Biggest red flag/deal breaker?

Kanupriya: ‘Job hoppers’, aka someone who changes jobs as frequently as a couple of months and has had a lot of jobs throughout their career.

Sam: Spelling and grammar mistakes, using the exact same wording for different job applications, employment gaps and frequently changing jobs.

Lem: Lack of relevant work experience and significant gaps with work dates.


Q: Best resume-writing advice:

Kanupriya: Have your resume reviewed before sending it across, maybe by a professor, recruiter, or someone in the field. Skim through it for 20 seconds and decide if you could see yourself being a good fit considering the requirements on the job description.

Sam: Summary sections with skills and experience highlighted will be super eye-catching, as they will raise our interests to continue reading your profile. Also, include your coding sample or portfolio links in the resume if applicable for the position.

Lem: My ideal resume is one that’s less than 2 pages long, aesthetically pleasing, and easy on the eyes.  It shows a considerable amount of effort was accomplished to help land a future position.


To speak to these recruiters directly about BBG’s available job opportunities, please contact them at:

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