Spotlight on: Montreal

Montreal, home to one of Canada’s largest economies, is a hub for technology, commerce, industry, and culture. 2017 marks the 375th anniversary of the founding of this historic city, which will be celebrated with a variety of events, tournaments, exhibitions, concerts, and more. Montreal is among the most bilingual cities in Canada, with 56% of inhabitants able to speak both French and English.

While it is known best for its key role in the finance industry, Montreal is also a major player in the software, aerospace, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, manufacturing, and education industries. Because of its strategic location – and the fact that it has one of the largest inland ports in the world – Montreal is a central location for the transportation of goods by rail, air, and water. Many major Canadian corporations and institutions have their headquarters in Montreal, including Air Canada, Bell Canada, Pratt and Whitney, and Via Rail.

Montreal is also a cultural hotspot. A multitude music and film festivals take place here each year, drawing people from across the nation to take part. Additionally, Montreal is home to the Cirque du Soleil and the Opéra de Montréal. Sports fans can rejoice too – Montreal proudly supports several pro and semi-pro teams, including the Montreal Canadiens (hockey), the Alouettes (Canadian football), and the Impact (soccer). Montreal also hosts the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix.

With such a wide variety of leisure activities, events, and career opportunities, Montreal is just the place to find that perfect work/life balance. Think we’re on to something? You can browse our Montreal jobs here, or contact any of our recruiters to learn more about potential job opportunities and relocation options.


Recruiter Report on…Resumes

We sit down with three of BBG’s recruiting specialists, Kanupriya Jagdev, Sam Xie, and Lem Jopio to get their thoughts on resume-writing and the selection process.

Q: What makes for a positive first impression with a resume?

Kanupriya: A well-organized resume with correct formatting, no punctuation errors, having page numbers and correct grammar. Sometimes, the candidates have the knowledge and experience we are looking for, but it is not mentioned on the resume, so a tailor-made resume for the job helps a lot! Many candidates use pictorial/graphical/diagram representations of their experience, which catches attention. For example, providing samples of system set-ups by a systems administrator.

Sam: Having a well-done layout and appropriate font and font size.

Lem: Effective use of white space.


Q: Resume-reading pet peeve?

Kanupriya: Very long resumes with irrelevant information.

Sam: Not providing contact information on the resume.

Lem: Spelling mistakes and poor language proficiency.


Q: Biggest red flag/deal breaker?

Kanupriya: ‘Job hoppers’, aka someone who changes jobs as frequently as a couple of months and has had a lot of jobs throughout their career.

Sam: Spelling and grammar mistakes, using the exact same wording for different job applications, employment gaps and frequently changing jobs.

Lem: Lack of relevant work experience and significant gaps with work dates.


Q: Best resume-writing advice:

Kanupriya: Have your resume reviewed before sending it across, maybe by a professor, recruiter, or someone in the field. Skim through it for 20 seconds and decide if you could see yourself being a good fit considering the requirements on the job description.

Sam: Summary sections with skills and experience highlighted will be super eye-catching, as they will raise our interests to continue reading your profile. Also, include your coding sample or portfolio links in the resume if applicable for the position.

Lem: My ideal resume is one that’s less than 2 pages long, aesthetically pleasing, and easy on the eyes.  It shows a considerable amount of effort was accomplished to help land a future position.


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Tailor-Made for Success: Revamping Your Resume

After scrolling through seemingly endless pages of job postings, you’ve finally struck gold – BBG Management has the perfect opportunity for you! You’ve got your resume uploaded, ready to submit for review… but wait! Before you send it in, you’ll need to make some changes to make it clear that you’re the right person for this specific job.

Tailoring your resume may be time-consuming, but it’s worth it. First of all, it demonstrates to recruiters that you’re really invested in this opportunity – you’ve taken the time to fine-tune and customize your resume, something that not all job seekers are willing to do. Second, it gives them key relevant information at a glance, saving them time and energy investigating your qualifications. After all, it’s easier for them to see how well you match up for the role if you’ve already highlighted it for them.

So how do you go about tweaking things?

  • Start out by reading the job description in detail. Look at the requirements and responsibilities, cross-referencing them with your listed skills, experience, and education. If you’ve forgotten or omitted anything relevant listed in the job posting, go ahead and add it to your resume. Do not fabricate or exaggerate skills in your resume, though – it will do more harm than good in the long run!
  • Once you’ve added in any additional qualifications and/or skills, remember to remove irrelevant information that isn’t directly related to the position. Ensure that your resume is concise and flows well.
  • Tailor your vocabulary to the job you are applying for. Demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable about your field by using keywords and specific language (use the job description to help you if you’re having trouble). It’s important to remember that recruiters are often not experts in the fields they are recruiting for, so avoid excessively technical jargon or acronyms.
  • Ensure that all changes have been proofread and edited and that everything is still formatted properly. Once you’ve finalized your newly-customized resume, it’s ready to send in.

Congratulations! You have just significantly improved your chances of landing an interview. Why? By tailoring your resume, you’ve proven that you really are invested and interested in this specific opportunity.

While constantly editing and revising your resume may get tiring, remember this: it’s always better to submit 10 well-written, nicely tailored resumes than to fire off 100 generic ones without a second thought. Your motto here should always be quality over quantity!

If you’re ready to put these tips to the test, head over to our careers page to see what’s out there for you.


Resume Writing 101

In the fast-paced world of recruiting, a ten-second glance at your resume can either make or break your chances of landing an interview. Fair? No. Realistic? Absolutely.

Because of the sheer number of resumes that recruiters have to sift through each day, it’s virtually impossible to read every single one from start to finish. As the job seeker, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your resume stands out. This is not to say that you should be using crazy fonts or color schemes in an attempt to get noticed – rather, you should strive to craft a document that is professional, concise, and accurate. This enables recruiters to get a good sense for your skills and experience without getting bogged down with wordy paragraphs or irrelevant information.


Here are some of the key things to consider when putting together your resume.

First impressions are everything! Your resume should appear polished, well organized, and professional. Make sure your name and contact information are clearly visible.

Select an appropriate font and use line breaks, bullets, and bolding to draw attention to content you’d like to highlight. Use headings to distinguish between the different sections of your resume. This allows recruiters to jump directly to the criteria they’re most interested in (some are more interested in skills, while others will jump right to job experience, for example).

Not sure exactly what should go in your resume? Generally, the most important things to cover are: skills, work experience, accomplishments, and education. You can also include major projects that you’ve worked on (or relevant courses, if you’re a recent grad).

For skills, list both hard and soft skills. Most companies, unless they state otherwise, are looking for a balance of technical abilities and people skills that will enable you to work well with other employees in the workplace.

When listing your work history, make sure that you go in reverse chronological order. This means that your most recent job goes at the top and previous places of employment are listed below.

In terms of accomplishments, the more concrete proof you can provide, the better. Have your Google Analytics Qualification? Certified Scrum Master? Graduated with honors? Put it down!

Ensure that the formatting is uniform throughout. Double-check your margins, font size, and line spacing. Try to keep the overall length reasonable – a twenty-page document is much more daunting for recruiters than a neat, three-page overview.

A quick note on grammar – try to avoid using first person or colloquialisms, as it will most likely come across as unprofessional. Always proofread and edit your resume for typos and spelling errors. Get a friend to look it over for anything you might have missed.


Once you’ve put all of this together, you should have a document that you can really be proud of. After all, it is a summary of all your hard-earned skills, experience, and successes up to this point in time.

Throw in a reference or two and you’ve got yourself a solid basic resume.  From here, you can tailor it as necessary for specific job opportunities or positions (more on that here).

And now, it’s time to get out there – happy job hunting!

To browse BBG Management Corporation’s job postings, visit us here!

BBG Partners with FORMVERSE to Provide Enterprise Forms & Workflow Automation


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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – BBG Management Corporation (BBG) and FORMVERSE, Inc., both headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, are announcing a partnership that will drive the adoption of form and workflow automation technology to clients across the globe.

This is a promising development for both FORMVERSE and BBG, a leading provider of professional services that currently supports over 4000 businesses across North America. Joining forces will enable BBG to offer FORMVERSE’s patented forms & workflow automation technology along with a wide variety of professional services to its clients.

“Automating forms and workflow within Microsoft Outlook email will greatly increase process efficiency for businesses of all sizes,” says John Gabriel, President and CEO of BBG.  “FORMVERSE takes it one step further by integrating data across enterprise systems. We believe this certified BBG/FORMVERSE partnership will provide business process solutions that will add significant value to any business.”

“Transforming organizations’ existing Microsoft Outlook infrastructure into powerful workflow systems is resonating with many of the largest companies in the world,” says Kirk Deininger, President & CEO of FORMVERSE.  “We are excited to partner with BBG Management and bridge the gap between BBG’s IT services and our technology.”


About BBG Management Corporation 

BBG Management Corporation is a global technology and business process services firm. Our technology solutions provide clients with proven and innovative cloud and workload management, application modernization, data virtualization, data security, data management and desktop/device management solutions.

BBG’s business process solutions include technical consulting, virtual bench solutions, recruiting business process outsourcing, call center outsourcing, and global visa application center services. BBG provides full life cycle project implementations in data management, data migration, and data security. Each of these implementations will leverage best-of-breed technologies and implementation frameworks. BBG’s management team has over a century of combined experience in Information Technology professional services.

For further information, please visit our website at  or contact us at


At FORMVERSE, Inc., we are changing the way organizations think about forms, workflow, email and data. From our founding in 2006 in Canada until today, we have focused on enabling corporations and governments throughout North America and around the globe to become more productive and efficient. We do this by providing management and employees with the tools needed to be more effective.  Our flagship product transforms our customers’ existing email infrastructure into a powerful business forms & workflow automation tool. Additionally, FORMVERSE PASSPORT allows their existing email platform becomes the single interface needed for collecting data to be used with their other enterprise systems.  For further information, please visit the FORMVERSE website at or contact Mitchell Harper, VP, Sales & Marketing at


BBG s’associe avec FORMVERSE pour fournir l’automatisation des formulaires de travail aux entreprises


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – BBG Management Corporation (BBG) et FORMVERSE, Inc., tous deux basés à Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, unissent leurs forces afin d’offrir l’automatisation des formulaires de travail à leurs clients partout sur la planète.

Ce partenariat est prometteur pour FORMVERSE et BBG, un leader de services professionnels qui soutient présentement plus de 4 000 entreprises en Amérique du Nord. Cette collaboration va permettre à BBG d’offrir la technologie brevetée d’automatisation des formulaires de travail de FORMVERSE ainsi qu’une panoplie de services professionnels à sa clientèle.

“L’automatisation des formulaires de travail à l’intérieur du courriel de Microsoft Outlook va permettre aux entreprises de toute taille à améliorer l’efficacité de leur processus,” affirme John Gabriel, président et PDG de BBG.  “FORMVERSE fait un autre pas de l’avant en intégrant les données pour l’ensemble des système de l’entreprise. Nous croyons que ce partenariat certifié procure une solution d’affaires qui apporte de la valeur ajoutée à n’importe qu’elle entreprise. »

“Pourvoir transformer l’infrastructure actuelle de Microsoft Outlook en un flux de travail puissant intéresse plusieurs des grandes entreprises de ce monde” affirme Kirk Deininger, président et PDG de FORMVERSE.  “Nous nous réjouissons de ce partenariat avec BBG Management qui permet d’établir un pont entre les services technologiques de BBG et notre technologie.”

Au sujet de BBG Management Corporation 

BBG Management Corporation est une firme de gestion des processus d’affaires et de technologie globale. Nos solutions technologiques fournissent aux clients des méthodes éprouvées et novatrices telles que des solutions infonuagiques de gestion de projets, la modernisation des applications, la virtualisation, la sécurité et la gestion des données ainsi que des solutions de gestion des ordinateurs et des appareils intelligents.

L’offre de gestion des processus d’affaires de BBG inclut des conseils techniques, des solutions pour les bancs d’essais virtuels, la gestion externe du processus de recrutement, et la sous-traitance des centres d’appels et des centres de services pour l’application de visa. BBG assure l’ensemble des services pour le cycle de vie complet des projets avec la mise en œuvre de la gestion et la migration et la sécurité des données. Chaque déploiement maximise les meilleures technologies pour le cadre de travail. L’équipe de gestion de BBG réunit une expertise en services professionnels de technologie de l’information depuis plus d’un siècle.

Pour en savoir davantage, consultez notre site web  ou écrivez-nous à


Chez FORMVERSE, Inc., nous changeons la façon de penser des organisations quant aux formulaires, flux de travail, courriels et données. Depuis notre création au Canada en 2006, nous avons axés nos efforts afin de permettre aux entreprises et aux gouvernements partout en Amérique du Nord de devenir plus productifs. Pour y parvenir, nous fournissons aux gestionnaires et aux employés les outils nécessaires pour être plus efficaces. Notre produit phare transforme l’infrastructure de courriel existante de nos clients en une automatisation des formulaires de travail qui s’avère un outil puissant. De plus, FORMVERSE PASSPORT permet aux plateformes de courriels existantes de devenir l’interface unique pour recueillir des données et ainsi être utilisés avec les autres systèmes de l’entreprise. Pour en savoir davantage, consultez notre site web ou communiquez avec Mitchell Harper, VP, ventes et markéting à



Guy de Montigny, B.Eng.
Regional Sales Director/Directeur régional des ventes
BBG Management Corporation
T: 613-789-8080, ext. 113
C: 819-665-3133


Talking Business with BBG

We sit down with BBG’s CEO John Gabriel to get the fast facts about this burgeoning business firm.

My name’s John Gabriel, and I’m the president, chairman, and CEO of BBG Management Corporation. BBG is a global business process and technology services organization. We have clients across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and we’re currently growing in EMEA and MENA. Through both direct and indirect channels, BBG has access to over a trillion-dollar market. The global staff augmentation market is a four hundred billion-dollar segment and the global systems integration, application, modernization and call center markets approximate six hundred billion. Our immediate focus and direct marketing efforts are the United States and Canada in the staff augmentation segment, which is approximately a hundred billion dollars.

BBG’s core competency and the skillset that we look to leverage in the delivery of systems integration, application, modernization and call center management is our staffing and recruiting services. BBG has recently been appointed as the fastest growing Canadian company in the HR segment, and the 39th fastest growing Canadian company. Our success to date has been primarily attributed to our culture and our commitment to our strategy.

BBG’s management team is very strong from an operational perspective. We have Kate Macdonald as our chief operating officer – she has a solid understanding of every aspect of the business, whether it’s sales or recruiting. VP of Inside Sales David Williams is excellent at getting clients to commit to BBG. We have Trang Tran who is our VP of HR – Trang is responsible for understanding all of the payroll and tax remittances across multiple global jurisdictions. It’s a very difficult job, but she’s been fantastic at it. On the finance side we’ve got David Metcalfe, our Executive VP Finance. David is a CGA who brings international experience to BBG. Supporting Dave is Aline Hanna, who is our VP Finance. We’ve got Keith Wilson, who is our President of Government of Canada Sales – Keith has an extensive background within the Government of Canada segment and has been doing a great job at uncovering plenty of opportunities. Another new addition to the team is Robert Parsons, who is our VP of Professional Services for the National Capital Region. Robert has got an extensive background in recruiting in the NCR, and we’re looking for him and Keith to grow that market significantly for us.

BBG’s revenue over the past 5 years has grown significantly – we’ve achieved a 100% CAGR in the last 5 years, with a 2000% growth rate from 2010. In 2010, BBG’s revenue was approximately 320,000 dollars and in 2015 our revenue was about 6.8 million. BBG’s estimated revenues in 2016 are 8.5 million, and our targets over the next 5 years are fairly aggressive, with estimated revenues in 2020 of over 30 million dollars.

BBG’s growth strategy is based on an integrated business model whereby we leverage our core competency in staffing and recruiting services to support our delivery of application, modernization, call center services and systems integration. It’s the involvement or the integration of the staffing and recruiting services that will drive higher margins within the segment. The challenge for several IT firms out there, system integrators, is that they do not have the ability to deliver staffing and recruiting services. They outsource these services and as such erode a significant margin. Having these services internally will allow BBG to grow significantly through acquisition and organically, and drive a 20-30% margin on any one of these acquisitions by reducing the outsource requirement for staffing and recruiting services.

BBG maintains significant business operations experience, both in public and private sectors. I’ve run a public company and BBG’s strategy is to go public at around 2020, between 2020 and 2023. BBG is run like a public company, we have an advisory board, we have monthly reporting, status and earnings calls, and we operate on a model that’s based on openness and transparency.

Again, my name’s John Gabriel, I’m the president, chairman, and CEO of BBG Management Corporation. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about BBG Management. I’d like to thank BBG’s team – our culture is fairly strong, I think we’ve got a team of professionals supporting the business and helping grow the business, and helping us achieve our goals and objectives. Thank you.




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