Employee Retention

Employee Retention

Retention as a competitive advantage has a compounding impact on Profitability.  As a result, Businesses are continually rethinking their employee Retention Strategy.

Here is a simple approach to Employee Retention that is based on; Staffing and Recruiting Clarity, Onboarding Direction, and Cultural Resilience.

Staffing and Recruiting Clarity

Knowing and Communicating what skills-set the Organization Needs is as challenging as Finding the Right Candidate.

Recruiting effectiveness is greatly enhanced by clearly articulating technical, behavioral and cultural requirements of the position. Obtaining the hiring manager’s buy-in and commitment to the position and process often supports the new hire’s onboarding and integration into the organization’s culture.

The right employee could be a current employee. This upskilling and training process ultimately creates an opportunity for external recruitment, while supporting a culture of growth.

Managing the process of external recruitment is a significant commitment. Employee Referral Programs, and Staffing and Recruiting Firms can be a support to the rigiour need to gather potential candidates who meet the technical requirements of the position.

OnBoarding Direction

Employee Success Requires Effective Communication.

The Onboarding process allows Organizations to Communicate to Employees what the major responsibilities are, and how much time and resources the company will devote to their training and development, mentorship, and Most Importantly what is in it for the Employee.

This Clarity improves a potential employee’s loyalty, sense of belonging and inclusiveness, and ultimately productivity. Furthermore it gives the employee and the team a basis for the tone of the overall job experience and Culture of the Organization.

Cultural Resilience

Culture is critical to attracting and retaining great people.

Culture is one of the most challenging Corporate Objectives to manage.  People and human interactions are so dynamic requiring an Artful Intuition and Action/Reaction to many different scenarios.

A Cornerstone to successful Cultures has been Communication.  Communication of, and Investment in; Corporate Vision, Goals, and Objectives, Performance, Employee Recognition and Performance Bonuses/Incentives, Professional Development and Training, Work-Life Balance, and Personal, Family, and Community Growth, balanced with solid Communication Systems at multiple stages of the Value Chain tend to create Strong Corporate Cultures that are adaptable to Change.  Ultimately, Action, Evaluation, Change, and Reaction is needed to successfully complete almost any task.

This desirable outcome of Cultural Resilience, the Adaptability to Change contributes to Retention.   

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